This page is dedicated to the privacy related matters on our mobile app The Local Metro and web app

  1. We respect individuality and privacy rights of every human being whether our customer / reader or not.
  2. We dont collect personal data for our commercial purpose. Any personal data or data related to a person may be voluntarilty or knowingly provided by our readers or customers.
  3. We dont intent to collect and use personal data for our commercial usages.
  4. We are a news/media company in general. So informations are collected while we work for Features, write ups, news stories, interviews etc. So those pieces of informations are intended to use for such new or content broadcasting or streaming. Those are collected mainly in the direct knowledge of the related person(s).
  5. We deal with persons as our clients, artistes, readers, viewers, vendors and officials. In all contexts we know that chunks of strict personal data is falling under full right of the related person. And misuses of those are illegal and we dont entertain it.
  6. If any vital information is passed on by such any above said third persons or person by law should be provided in full confidence and knowing the seriousness of the matter and should be allowing us to use it for legit purposes when it iss told to do so agreed by the person.